16 June 2015

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB Tote

I've owned this cross-body purse for almost a year now and I still love it using it. It was generously sponsored by ShopBop. I chose to buy this bag in the burgundy rather than black because my outfits are usually black in colour, therefore the black cherry was ideal choice for me! I love deep red shades for my lip colours too. The darker red also serves as a subtle pop of colour for my monochrome looks. The simplistic square design is visually very appealing and I have gotten many compliments for this bag. 

The quality of the bag is standard of Rebecca Minkoff, all in all it is well made and polished. I enjoy how the strap has is adjustable, so I can decide the length to my liking and to fit my petite frame. The bag features a zip pocket on one side, I never use it actually. Particularly because of the stiff flap covering the zip, I am afraid of creasing the leather. Although inside the bag already has a side pocket, so I use that instead. 

I've worn it many times and the condition is still like new, I recently took these images. The gold hardware is still as shiny as when I first bought it and the occasional polish helps maintain shine. I usually store the bag in its dust bag inside my wardrobe, leaving it hanging outside could cause the colour to fade from the sun. 

Size wise, it is the perfect going out bag for me. I usually use it on the weekends when I just need my essentials. As seen in the last picture, the Mini MAB Tote fits all the accompanying items- my card holder, portable charger, wallet,, earphones, lip cream, lip stain, perfume iPhone and Kindle. Before I owned my Kindle, I used to fit a novel in there! Its surprisingly roomy for such a tiny bag and its pretty lightweight too. 

As seen in 'Into the Woods' outfit post.


20 May 2015

Nano Heated Wireless Mug | Kickstarter

I've contacted by a few independent designers from Kickstarter recently and have turned down a few of them, but this so far has to be the most impressive product I've come across! The Nano Heated Wireless Mug is produced by Design HMI LLC and Green Lama LLC. Having lived in New Zealand that is of a colder climate, my hot drink gets cold quite fast and it's super frustrating. This self-heating mug caught my attention because I would imagine it being really practical during winter time, say goodbye to hot drinks turning cold! 

The design of the mug is simple and sleek, I like the clean white with complementing blue light ring and the minimalist logo. It can be charged easily with a USB port, which makes it super user friendly! Watch the video above for more info.